Reception are following Development Matters.

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Year 1 children follow the National Curriculum.

Children in Earth Class have an individualised curriculum based upon their current interest and environmental themes. We strongly believe in a child centred approach and therefore follow an ‘In The Moment’ style of teaching and learning.

“Children are born with a natural desire to explore and learn and practitioners can support them in this.  We do this by creating an enabling environment (both physical and emotional) and through the relationships and interactions that the children experience.  We do not plan ahead, rather we remain “in the moment” with the children as they explore and learn.  We observe carefully, and enhance the learning whenever we spot a “teachable moment”.  Our observations, interactions and the outcomes are recorded afterwards.” Anna Ephgrave

The classroom is designed to allow easy access to resources and equipment in a way which encourages all children to become motivated and independent learners.

Earth Class is a mixed class of 24 children aged 4, 5 and 6 years old.

Mrs Pilkington is the class teacher, Mrs Ali and Mrs Shaw are the class teaching assistants and Miss Pickervance is the apprentice teaching assistant.


The children have access to a large outdoor area with various physical challenges all of the time. We will be doing PE each week and we are now changing into full PE kit. Please ensure PE kits are in school on your child’s peg. Each child will need black shorts, black pumps and a coloured t-shirt which is a house colour. The first t-shirt is provided for reception children upon entry.


We listen to the children in Year 1 read in class everyday. Children in Reception will read with an adult in class 2-3 times weekly. Please can you ensure reading books and reading records are in school everyday to support us with this. Reception children will begin with a book which is intended to be read to them for a ‘share a story’ session whilst they begin the reading process. We focus upon reading for pleasure to begin with. Once a child is ready to have a book with words in, I will discuss strategies with parents and carers about how to begin supporting your child to learn to read.

When you listen to your child read or share a story together, please sign the reading record as 5 dojo points will be awarded for every day that they have read at home. When your child earns 250 dojo points the reward will be a non-uniform day. We will notify you when your child has earned 250 dojo points.

Home/School Links

We always love to hear what your child has been doing at home. If they have won a certificate or medal from a club that they attend outside school or they have done something to make you proud like learned to ride their bike, we would love to hear about it. If you have a photograph, please e-mail it to: and we can display it on our ‘Proud Cloud’ display.

Remote Learning – W/c 4th January

Remote Learning – W/c 11th January

Remote Learning – W/c 18th January

Remote Learning – W/c 25th January

Remote Learning – W/c 1st February

Remote Learning – W/c 8th February

Purple Mash Gallery – 14th – 16th October

Home Photo Gallery – 14th – 16th October

Latest News from Earth Class


Snail update

Our snails are growing and they enjoy eating different fruits and vegetables. Here they are eating snail food – the children thought it looked like baby food.

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New class pet 🙂

Today I went with Brody and Cain to New Hall Veterinary Centre to collect our new class pets. We have two Giant African Land Snails, although it is hard to imagine they are giant right now. We have prepared a vivarium for them to live in and can’t wait for them to settle in and then for us to handle…

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Goodbye to the chicks

We have had an amazing experience hatching chicks from eggs, incubating them and then watching them grow. We noticed the differences in their height, weight and wing feathers. We are very sad to see them return back to the farm but have had so much fun with them this past week.

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Our chicks are growing

We noticed that the chicks were getting taller so we decided to measure their height and their weight. We had lots of fun doing this as they kept trying to fly away!

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Well, we have had chicks hatch from the eggs and now they are growing they have been moved from the incubator into the larger cage. We have all fallen in love with them. There are an assortment of breed, meaning different coloured chicks. 10 of our 11 eggs hatched.

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Our chickens are back!

We have three new bantam hens back with us. We have named them Blackberry, Topsy and Cloudy. We can’t wait to feed, collect eggs and play with them.

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